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Bend The Void
MU, Eindhoven
The MU Gallery is a large public institution in Eindhoven the Netherlands ( They have a long history of showing a wide variety of work by established and young artists.

When you enter the gallery the show appears to be limited to a long continuous roll of paper with poster images printed on it, and two vi trines with products and graphic projects in them. The wall of paper rolls off the wall and turns into a giant crunched ball at the end of the space. This print was 7 feet tall and 600 feet long. We printed it by hand on the floor of my studio. Once you are in the space for awhile you might discover a secret door. One of the posters is actually a door that takes you into a tunnel and into a hand painted room covered in graphics. This room was painted on site entirely by hand. It was the first large scale painting I had done like this using only tape and stencils, no computer print outs or silkscreening. Within this room another secret door takes you out and into a large space where more work is displayed.

WIth graphics I am often convincing people to believe that shapes are things, and that these things can be read like language. In my work images and language are equals. The images are often simple, and the work appears to be seeking to communicate clearly, but really I am using clarity to confuse and manipulate. I am interested in manipulating peoples perception. I am happiest when my work changes how people see things, that within the work there is opportunity to have a paradigm shift. This shift, or way of seeing is based on the way I see. Ideally, when someone's mind connects with my work it in some way affects they way they see all things. What I hope to create, on a very small scale is something like acid therapy, or having a hallucinatory experience; you might never look at the straight world the same again.
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