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Gingham Interview 2007      

What made you step into the creative world initially and brought you where you are?

GM: Well. There was the moment in Highschool where I sort of figured out that I liked shapes and color equally to drawing or painting. That to some degree was the moment where I realized what graphic design was. I always had the ability to draw and make things look good, but I also have always valued very simple even crude images. That moment in High School Art class set up that dicotomy in the things I make.

Do you have a specific concept that you would always like to keep in all your work?

GM: If I you understand this poster you understand me. And really this poster is about us understanding each other.

What do you always keep in mind when you design or make art?

GM: I guess I always try to step back and Imagine what I would want to see. I try to fuful my own expectation.

Why might typography be attractive to you?

GM:It is nice because you don't have to design the type. Writers are lucky in that they do not have to come up with a new typeface for every poem or book they write.

Your work seems to have Zen-like message or mind-searching, how do you come up those lines?

GM: That sort of thinking comes very naturally to me. I have done some meditation but not for ideas. Sitting to come up with ideas is like meditatino, but it is not the same. Through this process the ideas often become about the process of looking for ideas. For me, interesting ideas are not answers but familiar questions rephrased.

What is your current dream that you have in your mind?

GM: I am dreaming a lot about fresh water paddle boarding.

Where do you get inspiration from the most?

GM: Drawing.

Who and what are your influences?

GM: I am influenced by people like Seymor Chwast. David Hockney. Saul Steinberg. Dick Bruna. Milton Glaser. Stanley Kuberick. Greg LeMond. Picasso. Keith Haring. Shel Silverstein. Its endless. Some people seem to emit a wall of inspiriation that stretches dissapears infinitely in three point perspecitve..

What could be the most important work of all in your portfolio?

GM: Fangs logo

Now everybody has a computer, and it's quite easy to copy the surface style of someone else's work, what do you think about it?

GM: I see a lot of collage like rippoff. Where people take bits of peoples work, and sometimes my work and mix it up. That is a scarry nihlistic view of creativity. I feel bad for the young designers who have lost hope in the idea that they can invent things new. With their work they seem to say, �it has all been done before� When I was starting out I felt the opposite.

There are so many graphic designers all over the world, what is one thing that nobody has, but you do?

GM: My parents are not divorced.

Is there a difference in approach between your personal work and client work?

GM: Not really. I do not force myself to do revisions though.

What means to you to design T-shirts?

GM: People like Tshirts. I even like Tshirts. I would prefer to make posters, but I am happy not to make bookmarks or coasters or something.

What are your dream projects?

Feature length animation that commercially and critically fails in wide release but that is years later adopted by stoners as a cornerstone of their scene.




















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